Emma Rice Portrait Published

Really pleased and chuffed, again, to see one of my colour portraits of the lovely Emma Rice being used in the programme for The White Devil at Shakespeare's Globe's Sam Wannamaker's Theatre. Thanks guys!

© Nik Strangelove

Max Porter in 7 Nights Supplement

Really chuffed to see my portrait of the talented writer Mr Max Porter being used in an interview in Israel's '7 Nights' Supplement. Just a shame I can't read Hebrew....

© Nik Strangelove


Portrait of Changli Zhang

Here's my recent portrait of my good friend Changli Zhang shot on the Hasselblad on location in Southwark, London. I experimented with the printing and whacked up the contrast to Grade 5 to make it more punchy. I really like the results and will probably do more high contrast printing for future black & white portraits.

© Nik Strangelove


NEW portrait of Emma Rice

Finally got round to printing up the black & white portrait from my session with the very talented Emma Rice, Artistic Director of Shakespeare's Globe, London. Emma was very patient with me and gave me plenty of time, even though it was cold out there up on the roof. She put her lovely coat on and I quickly asked to shoot a roll of black & white. Thankfully she agreed!

© Nik Strangelove


NEW Colour Portraits of Amanda

A few months ago I went to Greenwich Park with my Hasselblad, a roll of out-of-date Kodak 64T film and the lovely Amanda. I wanted to do another roll of portraits with Amanda and cross-process the results. And here they are. I quite like them....I think she liked them too.

© Nik Strangelove


RIP Sandy Wilson

I was very sorry to hear the sad news that my old friend Sandy Wilson had passed away from cancer on December 18th. He was a fellow photographer who I met during my time down in Cornwall when he would come down on holiday with his wife Rosemary. When he went digital he very kindly gave me his darkroom enlarger. It was brilliant timing as my old enlarger had just stopped working.

It was through this act of kindness that I was allowed to continue printing in my basement darkroom, and for that I will always be eternally grateful to him. This was the first photograph I printed up using the 'new' enlarger, so I sent Sandy a print of it. I am still using the enlarger to this day and every time I print a new picture I always think of him.

Thank you Sandy.

Rest in Peace my friend.

(Photo: Old Car, Penzance, Cornwall, 2008.)

© Nik Strangelove


NEW Portraits of Emma Rice

I first met Emma Rice back down in Cornwall. It was 2005 and a magazine had commissioned me to do a portrait of her. It was shot on location at Kneehigh Theatre's HQ where she was the Artistic Director. Now she is the Artistic Director at Shakespeare's Globe in London. I approached her to shoot a new portrait and she agreed. Here are the two best colour shots from that brief session. Thanks Emma!

© Nik Strangelove